Production time debugging

BSOD Blue Screen of Death Application has encountered a problem   Unhandled exception has occurred in your .NET application Faulting application/service in event log 

At the beginning of the envisioning phase of an application, you already know it’s going to crash in production or at a customer’s site.
It’s not a question of IF but of WHEN.

Is your Development, your IT, your Help Desk correctly set up to deal with that inevitable crash? If you are well prepared, you can considerably reduce support costs and down time.
We specialize in all aspects of production debugging and instrumentation. We utilize the same, freely available, built-in tools and APIs used by Microsoft for its own products.
We can:

  •  Collect critical diagnostic data, when applications crash, with minimum intervention to the production system.
  •  Analyze the collected data to find the root cause of problems.
  •  Give the help desk and field engineers tools and techniques to collect valuable diagnostic data in the field.
  •  Give the development team tools and techniques to extract bugs from the diagnostic data collected in the field.
  •  Supply your design and development teams with the methodology, infrastructure, guidelines and framework to handle any crash efficiently